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Kairos Insights is a strategy and coaching firm ready to serve you. We discern your needs through thought-provoking, consultative conversations. With this insight, our purpose is to serve as a strategic partner, accelerating development and decisions so that you can capitalize on critical opportunities.

Our name is intentional. Kairos is not chronological. Kairos timing points to a moment when conditions are right for accomplishing a crucial action. While you can’t always tell someone when a Kairos moment will occur, we all know precisely when we’re in the moment.

Our Values


Building trust begins with integrity, is motivated with positive intent, and activates capabilities to deliver results to our colleagues and clients.


Our service orientation operationalizes our intent to help.  It fuels our personal growth to deliver the best partnership with colleagues and clients.


Demonstrating inclusion reflects a culture and conversation that is welcoming to all.  Inclusion enables people of diverse backgrounds to share perspectives that results in a stronger team/advisory group and improved equity in how we operate and serve.


Our work ethic is unparalleled to support your success.  We want to grow every single day, bringing our “A” game to bear in our service to colleagues and clients.

Our Impact

“Our group was very engaged, which led to interesting and frank discussion. Kristy was an excellent facilitator!”
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