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 Living Strategy


What is distinct about our living strategy approach?

Most strategy programs do not gain insight beyond those involved in the planning process.

Our program facilitates surveys and interviews with critical partners to inform the client 

and their strategy approach.

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Office Meeting

Most strategy programs do not focus on developing the capabilities for the team to operate as a strategic leadership team.

Our program teaches leaders how to think, act, and influence to achieve strategic outcomes.

Most strategy programs leave out how to move forward and keep the strategy alive and relevant.

Our program enables leaders to build an implementation design that integrates into their organizational rhythms.

Team Meeting
Team meeting

We do not try to come in, introduce change and disappear.

We partner with you to tap into the potential of your people, processes, and technology.

If you or your team needs support to bring your strategy to life, let’s connect and discuss the best starting point for you

Hear from our founder, Kristy Farewell, about our
Living Strategy Approach.

Living Strategy Approach
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Hear about three ways clients partnered with Kairos Insights to bring their strategy to life.