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Insights Accelerators


Our Insights Accelerators © provide a customized learning experience tailored to the individual level of leaders and organizational dynamics.  Understanding the client, we curate micro-learnings and translational assignments for the leader to immediately apply within their team and organization while coaching them to draw out and accelerate their capability and speak into their blind spots.

Below are our most popular coaching engagements packages. We also offer coaching engagements in monthly increments for you to have a coach on call. Let’s connect and chat more about how we can support you and your leaders today.

Why Invest In Coaching?

New Leader Insight Accelerator


Ready to set a new leader up for success?

Our New Leader Insight Accelerator is great for leaders entering their first mid-level leadership role or emerging executives stepping into their new role. In both instances, we partner with you to:

  • Understand your ecosystem and the organizational dynamics at play

  • Acclimate you and your team to your future work together through a team assimilation or strategic leadership retreat

  • Establish your onboarding and overall development plan; based on this plan, we partner with you through a 6-12 month coaching engagement that includes 1:1 coaching, microlearning modules from leaders around the globe, and translational assignments to bring the learning into practice with your team and organization.

Mid-Level Leader Insight Accelerator

 Know anyone struggling with the dance of mid-level leadership?

Our Mid-Level Leader Insight Accelerator is targeted for those leading leaders, and likely a minimum of 3-4 levels from the organization’s most senior executive; this development experience enables mid-level leaders to build a baseline of what good leadership looks like and explore where and how they need to develop.


To succeed, most mid-level leaders must focus on seven key areas, fostering expertise in how to:

  • Shift their mindset from being the subject matter expert to leading leaders

  • Connect & collaborate

  • Translate strategy to implementation plans

  • Foster innovation

  • Cultivate talent and trust

  • Advance culture

  • Embrace agility


In every engagement, our coaches invest six to twelve months to curate a customized development experience that includes: 

  • Assessment instrumentation

  • Targeted micro-learning from global leaders

  • Targeted translational assignments ​

Working Together

Emerging Executive Insight Accelerator

Man at his Desk

Anyone ready for honest, candid and unbiased insights to support their journey to executive leadership?

Our Emerging Executive Insight Accelerator is targeted at high-potential senior leaders - leaders with at least two levels of people leaders below them that are in your succession plan, with an eye on a future senior or executive leadership role.

To succeed, most emerging executives must focus on seven key areas, fostering expertise in how to:

  • Lead leadership teams

  • Build relational currency

  • Develop strategy

  • Create direction, alignment, and commitment

  • Engage in succession and talent planning

  • Advance culture

  • Build business acumen in finance, marketing, operations, and human resources.


In every engagement, our coaches invest twelve months to curate a customized development experience that includes targeted: 

  • Assessment

  • Microlearning modules from global leaders

  • Translational assignments ​

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