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GirlExec: Leading with the Mind

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Leading With the Mind: Today´s episode is part one of our three-part Women's History Month series: Leading as a whole woman -- heart, mind, and soul. In Leading with the Mind, we share tips to overcome common self-sabotaging behaviors to lead with a strong mind. Our mind is powerful in our leadership, impact, and overall happiness. But our mind can also play tricks on us and lead us to self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors -- like thinking too small, holding back, and not embracing our whole selves. Today we delve into nine of these mind-limiting behaviors and share tips on how to overcome them. Enjoy the series as you lead as a whole woman -- mind, heart, and soul!

GirlExec is a weekly video series to give professionals a career head-start as we share 40 years of professional insight & experience to enrich your career & life.

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