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GirlExec: Leading with the Heart

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Part 2 0f 3 Part Series - Women's History Month

Today´s episode is part two of our three-part series for Women's History Month: Leading as a whole woman -- mind, heart, and soul. In Leading with the Heart, we share four key ways that we can lead from the heart to have a broader and deeper impact on the lives of others. As women, we are uniquely positioned to lead from the heart, given our innate desire and strength to nurture others. We can leverage this strength in the workplace to lead from a place of human connection, take the time to listen, support, and develop others and recognize our teams. Listen in for practical tips to include heart-leadership in your day-to-day, to increase your impact and overall business results. Enjoy the series, as you lead as a whole woman -- mind, heart, and soul!

GirlExec is a weekly video series to give professionals a career head-start, as we share 40 years of professional insight & experience to enrich your career & life. GirlExec is led by Kristy Farewell and Isha Williams, the co-founders of GirlExec.

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