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GirlExec: First Time Leaders

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

In today´s episode, we share four critical steps for professionals entering their first leadership role - to position you for an effective and successful start. Also useful for experienced professionals entering a new leadership assignment. Your first leadership-level role is a great opportunity to grow and expand your contribution, and it is a shift from being an individual contributor. Taking time to properly onboard, listen, and learn is critical to help you lead well. Enjoy today´s episode and take notes to maximize your start and success in your new leadership role.

GirlExec is a weekly video series to give professionals a career head-start as we share 40 years of professional insight & experience to enrich your career & life. GirlExec is led by Kristy Farewell and Isha Williams, the co-founders of GirlExec.

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