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Coaching Services

We journey with leaders as they emerge, lead from the middle and find themselves in senior leadership with sprawling influence across an organization.

Executive Onboarding

Business Conference

Executive onboarding is critical to the success of new senior leaders. It leads them through a process to listen, learn and, only then, lead. Working with an executive coach, leaders build an onboarding plan to establish:


  • A baseline about the business culture - its people, processes and products, and services

  • A relational currency, identifying critical partners, understanding their priorities and where their interests meet and

  • A strategic leadership plan that will guide how they think, act, and influence in partnership with others to achieve organizational outcomes.


Executive onboarding engagements last an average of 12-15 months and include traditional elements of assessment instrumentation, coaching, and support of the executive to assimilate to their new team.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about our executive onboarding package.

The Dance of Mid-Level Leadership

Mid-level leadership can be challenging. You may be expected to execute on a higher level than ever before, while balancing team dynamics and managing up. No effort is too small for coaching to make an impact, and mid-level leaders can benefit from coaching in unique ways. Coaching provides a safe space for mid-level leaders to develop their leadership skills, challenge themselves and their teams, and become more effective in their roles.

Coaching engagements for mid-level leaders last an average of 6-12 months and include traditional elements of assessment instrumentation, a customized learning path, and regular coaching sessions.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about our mid-level leader coaching packages.

Office Meeting

Coaching for Emerging Leaders


Coaching for Emerging Leaders is all about helping individuals gain the skills and confidence needed to lead teams successfully in the workplace. As you prepare for or transition into your first leadership role, our coaches can help you build the necessary knowledge and understanding of how to be an effective leader.

We recognize that every coaching journey is different, which is why we tailor our coaching sessions to each client’s needs. Through a combination of one-on-one coaching and group coaching activities, we can help you learn how to effectively manage others while understanding your own strengths and weaknesses.

Coaching engagement for emerging leaders typically lasts 6-12 months and can take the form of one-to-one coaching or group coaching, where the assessment of the individual or group leads to a targeted learning path to quickly build their skill and leadership capabilities in leading and managing teams.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about our emerging leader coaching packages.

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